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Palm Leaf

The Health Oasis is located just off the Southern Outlet entering Kingston with amazing views of the ever changing kunanyi.  This space has been built on passion and the goal to help as many people in the community to experience the benefits of better health as possible. 


With our incredibly supportive team of health experts, The Health Oasis will have all your needs undoubtably met. Focusing on yoga, pilates, fitness, nutrition and health & wellness coaching the team will leave all those that visit feeling  more balanced, supported and nourished. 


Meet Hermione Friesen
(and Frenchie)

Founder and Owner of The Health Oasis

Hermione is a trusted beacon of health and wellness in her community. Born and bred in Kingston and going on to own her own successful business in the municipality for nearly 10 years. Motivated by the desire to help as many people in the community, continually making health and fitness engaging for everyone.


After loosing over 40kgs after the birth of her second son, she knew she had the ability to be someone to help others reach their fitness goals. In 2014 Hermione took a massive leap of faith and decided to open her very own fitness facility. Over the years her businesses and experienced has evolved to the point where she has now created The Health Oasis.


The Health Oasis is where Hermione has a created a  healthy lifestyle hub for everyone and anyone to enjoy.  There is Yoga, Pilates, Small Group Personal Training, Nutrition, Coaching, Acupuncture and more on offer in the beautiful space that is just minutes from the CBD, that has been brought together by her wonderful team.


Hermione is a qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Pilates Instructor and a Retreat Facilitator also representing Australia on several occasions both internationally and nationally. 

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